I am only able to buy 100 magical longbows at one time

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I am only able to buy 100 magical longbows at one time

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That is exactly what I want to do: Buy like 4k coal at 160ea, also mine 2k iron (wich can be made in some time). Then buy 4k nats (dunno exactly what the cost is now). And here come's my query: First is it RS gold worth doing high alch on them to earn some money back or can it be better to market them and come back with the same process again by then? Thank you for the additional help.

Well, I want to do Barrows, as my friends say that they always find amazing rewards, and I thought I might have a crack at trying to kill all of the brothers. I'm thinking of using - Ancients for the meleer brothers, also for Karil. I got 70 mage, so I had been thinking about using Ice Burst, and freezing themso that they can not attack me (that the melee brothers who is). I'll be using.

Incase something goes wrong... Spade, 1 prayer kettle (4) just in case... Sharks (? How many?) Runes for Ice Burst (Can I use Ice rush?) Range materials for Ahrim,. Also - how many casts of Ice Burst/rush if I choose?

K this is a question I have, its something that severly annoys me with GE. Ok so certian items (quite alot of things actually) when I attempt to buy them off the ge it will sell me a certian amount of the item and then stop completely. Even though I could normally purchase the item for whatever price I have it the GE will stop selling it to me. As an example, I can only buy 100 yew longbows at one time. Then it stops promoting. I can only buy 100 defense amulet at a time, then it stops promoting. I am only able to buy 100 magical longbows at one time, then it stops selling. I will only by 25000 character runes at a time, then it quits promoting.

I can only purchase 5000 sapphires at a time, then it stops promoting. I am only able to buy 10000 target bars at one time, then it quits promoting. I don't have any idea why, however I wish to buy these things. If you havent guessed yet, I am trying to boost my magic level through high alchemy. I want to create 90k sapphire necklaces and then alch them I need 90000 sapphires 90000 gold bars and 90000 nature runes but GE wont let me buy these items over a certian level!

Does anyone know why? (probably some completely stupid reason managing rwt) Also how long does it take before GE starts selling them to me again (4 hours? 6 hours? 12 hours? 24 hours?) If you know the answer to this then THANK - YOU. Oh and So that you dont give a response that I dont need to hear: I've not bought up all the sapphires, gold bars, natures in rs. I know this because I have a friend doing the exact same thing buying at precisely the exact same time and in addition, it cuts him off at buy OSRS gold the very same quantities.