Seems like Sega can not retroactively change PSO2 fashions

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Seems like Sega can not retroactively change PSO2 fashions

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The only reason I am able to PSO2 Meseta say this is what it is, is because during the first CBT on xbox insiders they had a really wonky translation when using a ticket which said something along the lines of"Are you certain you would like to enroll this information?" My friends & I have been making"register that data" jokes everywhere one of us gets a cosmetic we desired. So I'm 98% certain that is what they mean when they state enrolled data, which would mean all those people trying to hoard cosmetic tickets in the hopes of selling them on NGS won't work as merely registered things will move over.

So which means outerwear and outfits won't move? That's still a massive fuck you to NA players that invested money and no one should scratch anymore to be honest... We do know we could bring over firearms and components, so they can handle outfits/outerwear the exact same manner. We do see older Ash running along with his previous outfit in the trailer. The footage they showed of this Placeholder Otherwise called Ash has him wearing his signature default Close Quarters outfit. It is still no hard affirmation, but technically that would mean he took it with him to NGS. FWIW that ensemble is also accessible as basewear in JP so it's even more unclear... but yeah I'd bet a good 10k meseta on outfits and outerwear also transferring.PSO2:NGS Additional Information

WOW they'll coexist in the exact same game and you're going to have the ability to move between both using a type of cube platform? I actually LOVE that. And it seems like they got more specific about what exactly fashion wise carries over! Inb4 PSO2 install is 140 GBs. Two games in one! ~ That. Complete. Madmen. They practically connected and crammed two different MMOs in 1 client. I thought they just put them in precisely the same launcher but at precisely the exact same CLIENT!? Yeah, so its likely to be a single game, not two distinct games? Log in, then choose your"boat" to go between PSO2 or NGS. At least thats how Im comprehending it.

Neat idea. Its an interesting method of producing a new game, while not having the problem of"lacking material" by adding on all the PSO2 stuff. I really thought this was made apparent in the trailer lol. They also cleverly avoided the problem on cooperation and Voice permits with this movement since it is essentially the same game so all collab things continue to be valid. Mad lads SEGA pulling off one of the greatest expansion without leaving the old sport in precisely the exact same customer lol.

NGS the sport will work as a separate block, you can basically think of it such as PVP/Battle Arena and Challenge Quest. All NGS-specific fashions are essentially better: they look better, have more customizations accessible, and you are able to move your fingers with them. Seems like Sega can not retroactively change PSO2 fashions into NGS styles, your character is basically either going to buy Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta or NGS model predicated on what outfit/wear/part they have on. It's from that some incompatibilities may employ.